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1) This agreement has been combined for the purposes of the Church and the Musicians to have a clear understanding of the expectation, requirements, and responsibilities of all parties concerned herein.

2) This agreement is between One-A-Chord Employment Services, Inc. (OAC), the musician and church and will last for a period of one calendar year from the date of the application process being completion.

3) Cost of annual registration/partnership fee for churches is based on the congregation membership size (see registration form for actual cost).
4) Musicians pay an annual registration/partnership fee of $40.00 (forty dollars).

5) Agreement is not valid until a copy of said agreement is printed out and signed by the Pastor or an appointed official board member of the church. This form must be printed out and submitted via US mail or is faxed to the OAC office.

6) The agreement with a musician is not valid until it has been printed out and signed and is submitted to OAC via US mail or is faxed to the OAC office.
7) Musicians must send a copy of their current valid state identification card or driver’s license as verification of personal identity.

8) OAC will pre-screen musicians for skill levels, abilities and references.

9) OAC will perform a criminal background check on all new placements.

10) Under no circumstances will OAC be liable for criminal activities for prior or current placements. To the best of our ability, with resources available, we will do a criminal clearance for each musician.

11) OAC will make every effort to have a musician to fill in on Sunday morning and/or weeknight services, and special occasions until a permanent placement has been made; availability and time constraints apply.

12) OAC is not responsible for any payments made to these musicians. All financial negotiations will be strictly between the church and the musician.
13) If a request is made by the church, OAC will make what it feels to be a reasonable payment for services rendered by the musician. However, will not be responsible for these negotiations.

14) OAC promises to make every effort to fill temporary placements based on availability of musicians at the time needed.

15) Request will be filled on a first come first serve bases pending availability.

16) The musician that will fill in for the church may or may not have all of the required skills for the temporary placements. Please try to build your service around the skills of the temporary musician. Example: If the musician does not read fluently but plays well by ear, try to select music that he/she can play.

17) If the temporary musician seems to be someone that you are interested in hiring you and the musician must go through the proper channels of placement.

18) If the musician is not an organist, understand that a piano will have to be used.

19) It is to be understood that OAC will at no time respond to a request to contact a musician that has been already placed to offer that musician more money.

20) When a musician contacts our office and states that he/she is interested in interviewing, then and only then, will they be contacted by us for future placements.

21) OAC is providing placements for all four musical groups: keyboard, woodwind, percussion and string.

22) OAC will provide counseling and/or resources to assistance in building a new ministry, and advancing an already established music ministry to enhanced desired level of worship.

23) Baring extenuating circumstances, (to be determined by the office of OAC and the pastor or the official board member), all churches agree to give a thirty-day written notice before terminating a musician. The church agrees that it will not just fire a musician on the spot.

24) Baring extenuating circumstances, (to be determined by the office of OAC and musician) all musicians agree to give a thirty-day written notice before terminating their current position. If assistance is needed in preparing this notice simply contact the office of OAC. You agree that you will not just walk off of the job.

25) OAC is not trying to take away the power of the church or the musician to change the status of the position. However, we are asking that the church and the musician help us to establish protocol. Baring extreme circumstances, the church should not be left without a musician for services and the musician should know when his/her financial status is about to be interrupted.

26) If the church is experiencing problems with a musician because of a decrease in performance, or inappropriate behavior please contact this office.
It is our desire to help develop longer, ongoing placements. Sometimes a third party, via conference call or private call can help to change the perspective on matters; one that is not filled with emotions but yet in still facts.

27) All efforts should be made that vacation schedules request be placed within two or three weeks notice.

28) Musicians are allowed to take their vacation from their current placement and play at another house of worship during their scheduled time off without being penalized.